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I have worn coats of many colors.  I was raised in what a friend called “the Presbyterian Church — South of God” and went to a church related college thinking I’d have a church related career.  I lost my virgin faith at seminary, but found none then to replace it, so went off to law school to save the world.  A decade or so later, realizing there must be more to life than real estate closings, I went back to school (did I mention I love school? I wouldn’t be here, on this blog, were it not for another class…).  I hit graduate school in literature at the time the culture wars were heating up, so it was a very exciting, and politically charged, place to be.  I cast my lot with those who believe that the great works are usually directed toward, as well as implicated in, their societies, and that we miss their richness if we treat them as quasi-religious texts, unfolding the unchanging essence of what it means to be human.

I later added teaching high school drama to my repertoire of endeavors, with some community theatre acting thrown in to unlock doors and spice things up.  Some day I will figure out what I really want to be when I grow up.

So, what am I doing here? in this blog?  Just trying to figure out what it does mean to be human, not unchangeably so, but here and now, in these United States in 2012.  My Unitarian Universalist faith and experience has given me a lot of guidance on that score and some disappointment.  But it has led me to discover, experience, and live our shared humanity in ways I never imagined.  Which has brought both joy and sorrow.  That discovery is, of course, ongoing, a journey, and this blog is a travel diary on that road.  Another way to come out and engage the world we share.  Want to come?

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